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Centennial Statement Series: “The Holy Spirit”

As Brethren articulate who they are, they are prone to communicating the behaviors of their particular witness, often omitting the distinctives of Brethren thought. Brethren believe particular things that shape our peculiar witness. This series will highlight the beauty and challenge of “The Centennial Statement.”

“The third person of the triune God is the Holy Spirit. He was active in creation, the history of Israel, the inspiration of Scripture, the ministry of Jesus, and the birth of the church. The Spirit likewise acts today, opening the mind to understand Scripture, calling forth the response of repentance and faith, and giving the desire and ability to grow in Christ likeness. The New Testament portrays His activity as both event and process: It describes the event using the terms receiving, being filled, sealed, and baptized to indicate that the Holy Spirit comes to the believer at conversion. It describes the process as the Holy Spirit filling and equipping Christians at numerous times for special tasks. He joins them to Christ’s church, directs them to a local congregation of believers, and bestows on them spiritual gifts for the church’s ministry. The Spirit’s indwelling is to make a visible difference in the lives of Christians as they yield to, and cooperate with, His transforming power.

Discussion Prompts:

  1. Read John 16:7-11. What does it mean for the Holy Spirit to be our advocate? How does this shape your understanding of the Trinity? How does it nuance how you see God’s involvement in your life?
  2. What does it mean for the Spirit to “indwell” us? How is this important for transformation? What is transformation?
  3. How do you yield to the Spirit? How do you cooperate with God? Where in your life do you need to yield to the Spirit and allow God to have control?

Next Post: “The Church”

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