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Centennial Statement Series: “The Son”

As Brethren articulate who they are, they are prone to communicating the behaviors of their particular witness, often omitting the distinctives of Brethren thought. Brethren believe particular things that shape our peculiar witness. This series will highlight the beauty and challenge of “The Centennial Statement.”

“The second person of the trinity is the Son. He is the living Word, the revelation and revealer of the unseen Father. Although He possessed the divine nature from eternity, the Word became flesh for us and for our salvation. He was born of a virgin and lived the perfect human life upon earth. As Man and God, Jesus lovingly gave Himself for others in a ministry of service and reconciliation. His obedient life led to His sacrificial death in fulfillment of prophecy. Upon the cross He bore sin and its penalty in our place. He was raised and glorified in the body in which He suffered and died. He ascended as Lord and Savior into heaven, where He continually intercedes for those who are His and from which He will return in glory. Therefore He is the source of eternal salvation for all who believe in Him, submitting to His Lordship.

Discussion Prompts:

  1. Read John 1:1-4, 14. What does it mean for Jesus to be the “Word”? How does this shape your view of the Bible?
  2. Discuss the paradox of Jesus fully human and fully divine. Why is this significant to our understanding of Jesus? How is he simultaneously “the source of eternal salvation” and Lord in your life?
  3. If God took on flesh, condescended to our level, then how does our witness look different to the world? How does the example of Jesus shape our posture in the world?

Next Post: “Salvation”

This will be the last post until Monday, July 23. Due to travel commitments and conference responsibilities, I will be unable to blog during this time.

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