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Centennial Statement Series: “Sin”

As Brethren articulate who they are, they are prone to communicating the behaviors of their particular witness, often omitting the distinctives of Brethren thought. Brethren believe particular things that shape our peculiar witness. This series will highlight the beauty and challenge of “The Centennial Statement.”

“God created humanity, male and female, in His own image with freedom to obey or disobey Him. As a result of their disobedient choice sin entered our race, and its effects of guilt and corruption have passed on to every person. The image of God, though not destroyed, is now distorted. Sin dwells in all people, making them unable to please God or to escape its power in their lives. The penalty of sin is death, but a new, right relationship with God is promised to those who accept life in Christ Jesus.”

  1. Read Genesis 3. Focus on vv. 8-13, 22-24. Amid the judgment that we so often focus on in this chapter, where do you see God’s mercy? How do you think God felt upon hearing of Adam and Eve’s transgression? How is verse 24 a merciful verse in this story?
  2. Respond to the following line: “The image of God, though not destroyed, is now distorted.” What is the difference between detroy and distort? How is that significant to our understanding of sin?
  3. As we engage in God’s mission in the world, how does the difference between destroy and distort inform our posture? How can we be a people of the “steering wheel” instead of the “brake pedal?”

Next Post: “The Son”

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