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Centennial Statement Series: “The Triune God”

As Brethren articulate who they are, they are prone to communicating the behaviors of their particular witness, often omitting the distinctives of Brethren thought. Brethren believe particular things that shape our peculiar witness. This series will highlight the beauty and challenge of “The Centennial Statement.”

“The Bible reveals one true and living God in three equal persons:Trinity theFather, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This one God is eternal, infinite, personal, and perfect. The description and reality of the trinity transcend human reason, logic, and proof; they remain matters of revelation, confession, and worship. In holy love the triune God, by an act of sovereign will, created the universe and all living things. In this activity, as in everything touching the world of space and time, all three persons of the Godhead participated.”

Discussion Prompts:

  1. Read Genesis 1:26 aloud. What does it mean to be formed/shape in “our image?” How are we shaped by the Trinity? How is God three-in-one? Share ways you attempt to wrap your mind around that central Christian truth.
  2. How do you comprehend the Brethren belief that the “description and reality of the trinity transcend human reason, logic, and proof” and are only understood through “revelation, confession, and worship?” If something transcends reason, logic, and proof, then how do you reconcile its validity?
  3. In what ways does the Trinity inform your view of yourself, family, friends, community? What does it mean for them to be made in “our image?”

Next Post: “The Father”

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