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New Series: “The Centennial Statement”

cropped-unnamedWe will begin a new series on Monday, June 25 discussing “The Centennial Statement” (1983) of the Brethren Church. As Brethren articulate who they are, they are prone to communicating the behaviors of their particular witness, often omitting the distinctives of Brethren thought. Brethren believe particular things that shape our peculiar witness. This series will highlight the beauty and challenge of “The Centennial Statement.”

The introduction to this document states its background and mission:

When the 1981 General Conference directed that a statement of the beliefs and practices of The Brethren Church be developed, a group of volunteers began at once to work. Agreeing that we are a noncredal fellowship, they set out to prepare a centennial statement in honor of the denomination’s founding in 1883. For over two years the task force labored to produce a document that would be a testimony of our beliefs and practices. The 1983 General Conference accepted this statement as “a testimony of the faith and life of The Brethren Church at this milestone in our history.” The statement is in two parts, reflecting the historic stance of our church that faith must be seen in life.

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