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2 comments on “Biblical Authority Series: “General AND Specific Revelation”

  1. Arden E Gilmer says:

    How would you interface Jesus’ definition of truth into your discussion of general and specific revelation, especially the idea that truth is more than propositions. In His own words Jesus declared that he is “the way, the TRUTH, and the life.” Jesus declared that He Himself is “the truth.” Truth is a person. That is “specific” revelation. How does this, if it does, speak to how we give our witness in a general revelation world? I love what you are doing with your blogs. Keep them coming!


    1. Jason says:

      Arden, I don’t believe Jesus’ claim is simply a truth for Christians (in a relativistic way). I affirm that Jesus is a cosmic truth for the entire universe. But, that being said, the world will not know the general implications of this TRUTH unless a people, called the church, embody and contextualize it in their communities and relationships. It’s a larger epistemology question of how do we know what we know. You and I know the truth of Jesus because that truth was introduced to us in a relationship of care and concern. We’ve grown in that truth as a community has discipled us. The general implications of the truth that is Jesus are not know unless a specific people incarnates that specific revelation.


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