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Poetry: “Resolute”

“Resolute,” I declare.
Resolute about what?
What the heck does it mean to be resolute?

I don’t always feel resilient.
I’ve never felt remarkable.
I can’t remember the last time I was reckless.

Why does “resolute” bring to mind an inner tension of confidence and irresponsibility?
If “resolute” begins with ‘re-,’ what does it mean to become “-solute” again?
What does it mean to become “-silient” again?, “-assured” again?, “-markable” again?

Lord, dissolve me down to the core,
To the very essence of your call for me.

Let it be done again and again until the world around us is saturated by your goodness.
Goodness that ekes out through the strivings and ramblings of a servant’s devotion.

May your goodness resilient, reassuring, remarkable, and reckless.
Make me as resolute as your goodness.


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