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Poetic Listing: “Influence”

I’m an Enneagram 3. You can find what that means here. I’m achievement oriented, image focused, and have an internal drive (though I don’t always reflect on my destination). Below is a poetic list that I made almost a year ago exactly. I’ve reflected on it in light of my Enneagram diagnosis.

“Influence” is a word that has stuck with me for many years. Though I do not desire to be at the top of an organization, I do value being the person the top goes to for advice and counsel. Fun fact: eliminate this relationship from my work life and I will jump quicker than you can say “not interested.”

I want…

  • influence
  • to teach
  • to network
  • to drink good coffee
  • to write
  • to laugh
  • to develop leaders
  • to have good conversations
  • to mentor
  • to disciple
  • to spiritually direct
  • friendship
  • to read
  • to write a book
  • to be part of an innovative team
  • to be an advocate
  • to love my children
  • children that love me
  • to love and respect my wife
  • a wife that loves and respects me
  • to be surrounded by books
  • to connect people to ideas and each other
  • to be remembered
  • to be thought of fondly when I depart a room
  • to be an expert
  • my opinion sought
  • influence.

-“Influence,” 2/6/17

What might your list be? What would be the word or phrase that would bookend that list? What does that word or phrase say about your heart? Jot down that word or phrase.

Now, let me meddle a little bit…close this post if you don’t want me to meddle.

  1. What if that word or phrase is what God wants in your life?
  2. What if that word or phrase is what God is pruning from your life because it inhibits its intimacy with you?

What if my striving, pining, networking, researching, diplomating life are ways for me to be a god that inhibits me from experiencing the Living God?

What if God wants influence in my life so that he can truly offer me the influence I so crave?

I prefer to ask questions…the answers haunt me.

One comment on “Poetic Listing: “Influence”

  1. tinamhunt says:

    Ok. I”be not done much with Enneagram. Just took an online test and I’m a 2. Now I have to go research that. Helping others rose clearly to the top. Seems true. I really like your list and may try the exercise. And you really need to write that book.


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