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Poetry: “Contentment”

I wrote this poem a few years ago but it speaks to a perennial anxiety. The prose are quite simple but the content is complex (for me). As a very driven individual, I struggle with contentment and find it quite elusive. I’m sure this poem was written at the end of an exhausting day when my body said “sleep” but my mind and heart continued to race.

Contentment, so elusive,
God’s love, so divine,
Always struggling for belonging,
You say, “Thou art mine.”

Trusting but forgetting,
Hoping but deceived,
“Jesus,” I must ask you,
“When you see me what do you see?”

Vulnerable and broken,
Still struggling but redeemed,
You give your loving answer,
“When I see you, I see me.”

-“Contentment,” 11/25/2015

3 comments on “Poetry: “Contentment”

  1. tinamhunt says:

    The struggle is real. And probably more given not only your make up, but where you are in your life journey. I think another impacting force is our culture that screams more, more, more. Where else is contentment to be found but in the one who assures that with Him, we are enough—actually: more than enough.


  2. This is really beautiful- thank you for sharing.


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